Effigerm Wound Care

Effigerm Wound Care is a topical wound irrigation solution.

It’s key mode of action is to modify the wound environment by mechanical removal of foreign bodies that may cause skin irritation and infection and to provide an optimal environment with regards to moisture, humidity, oxygen and pH to assist in the healing process.

Alcohol free, suitable from birth and no need to rinse.



  • Cleansing and debriding of the wound and preventing infections.
  • For the management of minor skin abrasions, minor lacerations, minor irritations, minor cuts, minor burns and intact skin.
  • To irrigate and moisten.
  • Contain hypochlorous acid acting as a preservative by inhibiting the growth of microorganism within the solution.
  • For sore irritated skin.
  • Helps with the prevention of biofilm.
  • Wound irrigation solution.
  • Can be used for moistening the wound dressing and moisturising the wound itself as well as for loosening crusted dressings.
  • Flushing of irritants associated with wound malodour.

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